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Tomorrow i am going to be taking my son Charlie over at to see the comedian Andy Parsons on his I’ve got a shed tour this is his website at our local Theater its a nice size theater,,  

But what we need is some laughter,  things can get a little stressful at times so who better that a comedian to help lift things.  my youngest son will be going to stay with his nanny for the night so i know he will be looked after..  at times i just need to do the on the spot decisions and just do it,, just go and get away from it all… 


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Steam Engine

Back at the May bank-holiday i was helping a friend with his steam engine

Lord of the Isle   photo

The engine is called Lord of the Isles, I was steering the engine as well as cleaning it..This engine is one my grandad used to help on until grandad said he was  too old..

Trip Away

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Hey All,

Just to say i will be very quiet over the next couple of days,  cause me and the boys need a bit of a break,  so i am taking them both down to Legoland in Windsor UK, i got a fairly good Hotel deal where you get tickets for the Park free for 2 days,

We are leaving in a couple of hours and coming back Saturday  evening..

If you want to take a look then visit their website here  but until then you all be good now,  see ya laters


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Great Time Was Had

thanks mum

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As I mentioned in my last post i was going to be taking my boys away to Legoland..  Now i have never been before and i was pleasantly surprised at what was there,  but not so surprised that lots of stuff that was for sale was incredibly expensive..  I did take a pack lunch for the first day, and had a big breakfast in the hotel so we avoided lunch and had something on the way home at the services,   I didn’t get away that lightly though, ended up buy several small boxes of Lego for the youngest son.. 

Legoland is owned by the the group called Merlin Entertainment visit their home page to see the other attractions they do.. 

Legoland was built on the old grounds of Windsor Animal Safari Park which closed in 1992.. i never went to the safari myself but visit here to have a little…

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Repairing A John Deere

Fixing a John Deere

My dad has 2 John Deere model B’s in his workshop, which are slightley dfiferent. 1 is a unstyled & other is a styled… Dad’s John Deere  is the green John Deere model B unstyled, which is not being fixed at the moment.. As Dad is working oh his friend’s John Deere is the John Deere model B styled which is being fixed well had been in the workshop for past 4 years.. yes its taking him that long.. i may be married and with children by the time they are both fisished…

New Camera 109

this video is are friends John Deere model B styled befor the repairs started

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